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The Night Between the Days

The Night Between the Days

by John Weinstock

ISBN 0-97727143-9

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What does it take for magic to have an effect? Can nature's forces, shaman drums, myths and symbols be pathfinders? To find out about this, Jon and Lajla travel one autumn from the capital to a valley in Sámiland. Here they find silence and darkness. They follow their intuition. They walk into the forest where it is darkest and where there is no path. They meet external and internal teachers.

In the course of the autumn, the winter, the spring, they have their own experiences. With the modern reality of Sámiland. But also with the forces of nature, with healing, dreams and magic.

Ailo Gaup's The Night Between the Days [Natten mellow dagene] is a loose continuation of his 1988 novel, In Search of the Drum [Trommereisen].

Ailo Gaup is a Sámi shaman, an author, and he was a founder of the Beaivváš Sámi Theatre in Norway. John Weinstock, the translator, is a professor at the University of Texas in Austin

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